nutra optimized immune defense reviews




nutra optimized immune defense reviews

What Is NutraOptimized Immune Defense?

NutraOptimized Immune Defense is a new addition to the line up of other successful products we carry. It’s been formulated and designed with health in mind. It contains ingredients that have been proven to be successful in the following:

NutraOptimized Immune Defense's Secret To Success

Garlic Bulb Extract has been studied for it’s numerous benefits. Garlic has been shown to be good for heart-health, but it has a drastic benefit to both people that have been exposed to a virus and have shown to increase immune levels to be more resilient against viruses.

nutraoptimized immune defense ingredients garlic

Elderberry Extract is widely used in immune-booster supplements. However, since it’s cost is high, most typically don’t have the amount found in NutraOptimized Immune Defense. Each capsule contains 370mg of elderberry extract.

In 1 test, 60 people with influenza took elderberry & improved within 2-4 days versus those that chose to allow the virus to naturally pass, which took 7-8 days.

nutraoptimized immune defense elderberry

Vitamin C has must be ingested since our bodies don’t produce it naturally like most other animals. Vitamin C is required in order for humans to live. It’s an antioxidant and needed for healing wounds.

Vitamin C also plays a vital role in immune functionality and recovering from sickness, as well as helping to prevent sickness.

Insufficient vitamin C levels can cause fatigue, muscle soreness, and even scurvy. NutraOptimized contains 200% the required amount of Vitamin C which is safe to consume.

nutraoptimized immune defense ingredient vitamin c
nutra optimized ingredients vitamin c

Zinc can be found in your cells throughout the body, but still needs to be ingested through food or supplements in order to achieve healthy amounts. The food with the highest amount of zinc is oysters. Not a fan? Not to worry. NutraOptimized Immune Defense contains 100% of your daily needed zinc.

A healthy daily dose of zinc is required in every stage of life in order to grow – pregnancy, infancy, and childhood. But, it’s also required to increase immune levels and help heal you from not only sickness, but required for healing wounds you’ve sustained.

nutraoptimized immune defense ingredient zinc
nutra optimized ingredients zinc

Echinacea Purpurea Root Extract is a medicinal herb with anti-inflammatory properties, but mostly used for the alleviation of cold & viral infection alleviations. It’s also used for infectious diseases for both upper & lower respiratory systems, wound infections, as well as chronic pelvic infections. (1)

nutraoptimized immune defense ingredient echinacea

More Benefits Of Using Ingredients Found In NutraOptimized Immune Defense

nutra optimized immune defense reviews

NutraOptimized Immune Defense uses a multitude of ingredients to help you achieve a healthier body & higher immune levels.

One of the “tricks” we use in our Immune Defense formula is to use “EXTRACTS”. The difference is the amount you get in each capsule is truly astonishing compared to just using a powder.

So, instead of needing to take 8-10 capsules 2-3 times each day, you get the same amount of the active ingredients in only 2 capsules, since the useless parts have been completely removed.

nutra optimized immune defense reviews

Compare NutraOptimized Immune Defense To The Rest...

NutraOptimized Immune Defense offers you a boost in immune levels, decreased stress benefits, and an increase in your recovery time from sickness all in just 2 small pills per day! NutraOptimized Immune Defense uses a formula of proven ingredients!

nutra optimized immune defense reviews
nutra optimized immune defense reviews

Every Order Of NutraOptimized Is 100% Guaranteed

Try a bottle of NutraOptimized – and if you don’t absolutely love it, simply send it back within 60 days for a full refund (less any shipping costs associated). You don’t have to wonder if NutraOptimized Immune Defense will work for you since you can try it completely risk free.

Try NutraOptimized Immune Defense Risk Free Today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

NutraOptimized Immune Defense main purpose is to benefit and increase overall health in our bodies. It contains proven ingredients that work to increase immune levels and benefit health. It isn’t a cure for disease or infection. It’s not a substitute for practicing proper hygiene and cleanliness like washing hands or refraining from exposing yourself to a virus.

All of the ingredients in Immune Defense are natural, and therefore safe for consumption. Please be cautious to follow the recommended serving size, and warnings of age and pregnancy on the bottle. If you have any more questions, please speak with your doctor before taking Immune Defense.

Please speak with your health care professional or pharmacist if you have questions about interactions with your medication and NutraOptimized Immune Defense.

Each bottle has 60 capsules which lasts 30 days, if you are taking the proper dosage of 2 capsules a day.

Each bottle of NutraOptimized Immune Defense retails for $69.95. However, by purchasing the “family size” option and using our limited time coupon “NUTRA20“, you can spend as little as $22.39 per bottle!

All orders are guaranteed for 60 days. Only one bottle per order may be opened in order to be eligible for a refund. If your order had multiple bottles, the remaining bottles must be sealed & in re-salable condition. If your order only contained a single bottle, you are still eligible for a refund, even if the bottle is partially used. Shipping charges and/or costs are non refundable.

If tracking information confirms that the item has been delivered to the shipping address for your order but you have not received your products, please contact the carrier directly in order to investigate the issue. We can’t be held accountable for packages where tracking information states the package has been delivered to your shipping address.

This product is intended for the ages of 18 years or older.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your physician before starting any diet, exercise, or supplement program to avoid any health issues.

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